• Members build the monthly plan that works best for their needs.
  • Add on to Basic Plan with Hourly Packages, Storage and Hi-Temp dishwasher
  • These are monthly fees. Pre-paid prior to month of use.
  • Hourly use exceeding pre-paid plans are billed at the hourly rate listed in section “Hourly Rates”
  • All members must book workstations using the reservation system. Hours used without booking will be deducted from pre-paid hours or charged at the hourly rate.
  • Members must book a workstation in order to book an appliance. See rates and packages for workstation with appliance
  • Certain appliances are only available to members who have received instructions on use. Members who have gone thru orientation on use, will be given access to book appliance on scheduling system


hi-temp dishwashers available for use.
this is a per month fee, based on average use. additional fees accessed based on useage.

All members: $50/month.


Packages are based on a Single Workstation occupied by no more than 2 people.
Hours are deducted based on number of workstations booked.
Example: Two workstations booked for an hour = Two hours
Plans must be purchased prior to month of use.
Please see note on appliance use.
Combine packages to create a plan that fits your business needs. We are available to answer questions or help you customize a plan that works for you.


2 Person limit
with one appliance

  • Food Truck Members Only           10 hours           $250

with one appliance *

2 Person limit

  • BASIC PLAN                     Maximum 20 hours/month            $500

* Certain appliances have additional fees and are not included with this package (Blast freezer, Steam Kettle )


2 Person limit

  • COOK  PLAN                Maximum 20 hours/month             $800


2 Person Limit Per Workstation

  •    $25           Single WORKSTATION. No appliance use – 2 person limit
  •    $30           Single WORKSTATION. One appliance use *. Two person limit
  •    $35           Double or 2 Single WORKSTATIONS. No appliance  use (2 person limit)
  •    $40           Double WORKSTATION. One-two appliance use *. 2 Person limit
  •    $60           Double WORKSTATION. Center  Kitchen Full Cookline *. 2 Person limit
  •    $60           Double and 1 Single or 3 Single WORKSTATIONS (6 person limit)
  •    $80           Double and 1 Single or 3 Single WORKSTATIONS with FULL COOKLINE  (6 person limit)

Fixed monthly plans are available – Rates can be established for businesses requiring dedicated space or particular needs outside of scope of packages. Discount applied to Packages over $1000 a month

Members MUST book work station BEFORE BOOKING appliance. BOOK through reservation system. 

HOURS booked, exceeding prepaid plans are billed at hourly rate.

*Certain appliances have additional fees and will be billed at a different rate (Blast freezer, Steam Kettle )