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Membership Fee

$250/ One-time Fee Upon Sign up

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Kitchen Plans: Components

  • Hours.
  • Prep Table.
  • Equipment
  • Storage
  • Staff

Basic Kitchen Plan: $500/month

  • 20 Hours Single Prep Table (1-2 People)
  • Includes 5 hours appliance use

Plan Includes:

  • Garbage, Recycling, Compost
  • Garbage bags
  • Dish soap, sanitizers, all purpose cleaner, floor cleaner
  • Towel Service
  • Separate storage for personal items and cleaning supplies

Configure the kitchen plan that works for you. Add hours, storage, amenities. You can change your plan from month to month.

Add Ons

Full Cookline Packages also available

  • Hi Temp Dishwasher
    • One minute to wash and sanitize
  • Baler Cardboard
  • Equipment Storage
  • Outdoor Patio

Storage: Cold, Dry, Freezer

If you are a FOOD TRUCK vendor – Please go to section for details on Food Truck Membership.

TO JOIN: Please review details on membership requirements and complete the application.

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