Margaret Su

Owner/Operator,  The Prep Station – Commercial Kitchen and Commissary

Founder/Manager,  Eat Drink Alameda – Online Mobile Services for Alameda

Board Member, Alameda Chamber of Commerce 

Panel Judge, Alameda Chamber Foundation Scholarship

In 2011, under the label, Wonky, Margaret founded a snack food company. She developed, produced and packaged Kale chips and sprouted nuts. Her product was distributed to 150 stores in Northern California.  

In 2017, she formed The Prep Station, commercial kitchen and commissary, located on the former Alameda Naval Base. 

The objective was to create a space where budding food professionals could conceptualize and experiment. The facility is equipped with the essentials to support a range of business models and food production needs. 

“The industry is constantly evolving. We follow trends and work with our vendors to find solutions. We want them to succeed.” 

“The primary goal is to deliver services and perks that add value to our clients, making the most of their time in the kitchen. We strive to offer affordable packages and devise plans that fit their needs and budget.” 

Margaret is committed to the development and  growth of small businesses and the community of Alameda Point. She has pledged her time and support to both, and feels fortunate to have the opportunity to work with inspired individuals and a diverse group of people and talent.

In addition to her industry experience, Margaret has a business background, with twenty-five years in retail management, production, merchandising and inventory planning. She is a published writer, fund raiser, event planner,  commercial kitchen operator, caterer, accomplished in recipe development, knowledgeable in various methods of food preparation, and owner creator producer of Wonky Kale Chips

Education: BA University of California, Berkeley


The Prep Station, Owner/Manager –

Alameda Chamber of Commerce, Board Member

  • Liaison: Alameda Point Collaborative and Harbor Bay Parkway Collaborative

Alameda Chamber Foundation Scholarship, Panel Judge


  • Founder/Owner of Wonky Kitchen LLC, product and commercial kitchen services company
  • Owner and product developer for Wonky, packaged snack food distributed in Northern California
  • Retail business professional, SAP Business consultant
  • Published Writer of educational books for Harcourt Publishing and Oxford Press
  • Published novelist

On Site Staff and Assistance

  • Bharath Kumar, Assistant Manager, is on site daily to assist vendors with operational questions and concerns
  • Professional towel and janitorial service
  • Hi-temp dishwashers are a new addition, saving both time and money.
  • Online reservation system makes it easy to book tables and appliances
  • Free business consultation
  • Website pages for vendors to market their business and obtain up to date information on events at the kitchen
  • Resource page to aid members in getting the information they need to build their businesses