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For every food business, there’s a story, a passion and a purpose. Meet the creative, exceptional vendors of our kitchen.

The Share Pizza crust was under development for 2 years before Chef Victor decided it was ready for you. . The perfect crust is big and airy, not doughy. It’s sourdough, developed so that it doesn’t get hard after you bake it like all other sourdough crusts. It feels crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and tastes like sourdough when you bite into it.

You can have the perfect pizza dough, but without the perfect pizza oven you will not get the right crust. So, we custom ordered and imported a dual fuel (wood & propane) pizza oven from Italy. And then built a custom food truck around our oven. The oven is Ferrari Red, and we built a window for people to watch the show from outside.


Luna’s Good Dog Treats makes your dog and cat’s favorite treats! These single-ingredient, 100% all-natural, and human-grade protein dehydrated jerky treats are made without any additives and preservatives. Luna’s Good Dog Treats is locally owned and produced in Alameda. Small batch, dehydrated. This is as good as it gets. Spoil your pets with something handmade – created from fresh ingredients. Prepared with love. You will feel good giving these simply clean, thin, and crispy treats to your four-legged fur babies (cats and dogs) with ingredients that you can pronounce and see. Your fur babies will love these premium quality treats that won’t update their stomachs. With the company’s mission to strengthen the bond between human and dog (and cat), why not treat them, teach them a new trick, and feel good all at the same time? 25 cents from the sale of each bag is donated to local animal rescues.


HEARTH Wood Fired Pizza & Catering strives to continue the legacy created by Copper Top Ovens, LLC. As the new owners, we are committed to providing superb customer service, exceeding expectations, delighting the palate with fresh, exciting and seasonal ingredients and elevating the dining experience. HEARTH is passionate about saturating your taste buds with vibrant flavors while forging memories with your favorite people.

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