Each Kitchen Member and any associate working for a kitchen member company is required to review our kitchen rules and orientation document, and to sign the form. Each member will be given a tour of the facility and thorough orientation of rules and protocol within the facility. 

The-Prep-Station-Rules-and-Kitchen-Protocol 2022 March


Each Kitchen Member is responsible for maintaining their certifications and licenses with County, State and other regulating agencies and health departments. Members are often required to provide a Form D Commissary services agreement as part of the licensing process. If you are an active kitchen member, we can sign form and send to environmental health dept or sign/return to member for submision.

Download Part D – Alameda County Alameda County blank form

Download Part D Alameda -The Prep Station

Download Part D – Santa Clara County  Santa Clara County blank form

Download Part D – San Mateo County  San Mateo County blank form